Mythaca was and is a great opportunity for me to get outside of myself and be received by community. I attend Mythaca for the communication skills, building, workshops and the ecstatic dances. I am passionate about Men’s work and will be contributing my energy and intention to the H-I-M (healing inspired masculine) space this year. Attending Mythaca helped me loosen my ego and drop into a dance much bigger than myself. Looking forward to Nature, Music, and Connection again this year!

Mythaca is a catalyst for community, healing and higher consciousness. Interactive workshops, music, flow and dance pods are happening all around you. It’s magical setting nestled in Arnot forest brings you in touch with the pulse of nature. You find your rhythm and your tribe- expect to walk away with a newfound sense of play!

The whole space of Mythaca held a healing presence that words can’t describe. I went there with my husband and 5 year old daughter and we all just felt so welcomed to be in our own individual processes. My daughter went to kids camp while we attended classes, or just laid upon the earth feeling the sweet energy of the whole gathering. It’s definitely one I plan on attending every year! OH and the FOOD. Like nothing else I have ever tasted, beyond delicious!!

Getting to be a part of Mythaca was a stellar experience! The close intimate family-tribe atmosphere allowed me to fully immerse into the process of opening and expanding my being. All of the workshops and music/dance helped me to dive deep into myself while fully connecting with the collective present and beyond.
—Adrienne, Fire Spinning Conclave Lead

Before Mythaca, there was no community I could access where the realms of sacred pleasure, healing arts, and ecstatic dance were all available to me as a spiritual seeker, a mother, a maker, and a lover of nature. Mythaca brought these child-friendly communities together and the love burned and the lights shone, not in flashes, but steadily, for days and nights on end. After Mythaca, as I walked through town, I met more than one good soul who recognized me from the gate–or that I recognized from a workshop–who was compelled to tell me that Mythaca had been “the best experience of their life.” Let’s not let the minutiae of our burdens steer us away from putting our energy out there. Let’s come together again and raise the Mythaca spirit!
—Proxy, Registration Lead

Mythaca 2021 was medicine for my soul after a year of pandemic stress. It was a high vibrational gathering, where people from differing walks of life gathered under the umbrella of celebration, music, personal healing and the raising of consciousness. It was an honor to be a part of the supportive crew who held this moment together and I am proud of my Ithaca family for combining energies to create such an inspiring Summer Solstice event. Those who began the movement of conscious gatherings in Ithaca, NY should be proud of what we are birthing here.
—Devon, Kid’s Camp Lead

The food at mythaca was next level! There were so many vegan and raw options. With the cool rejuvenating air of the forest, the fresh nourishing food and invitation to move my body, it was everything the body needed to heal.
—Laney, Holy River

What a vibe Mythaca was! One of the best kitchens I’ve ever had the honor of holding. We created a container where people wanted to come to be of service. It was a place to dance, learn and create. Many people came to me and said they the best time they had the whole weekend was in the kitchen!
—Captain Kale, Head Chef

I’ve been to many festivals and Mythaca is something very different, something special. The workshops were healing and insightful, the organic meals nourished my body and soul, and I felt at home and part of a community throughout my time there. It was truly a medicinal experience.
—Devin Ryback, Metaphysician

Mythaca expanded me in every way possible and rooted me deeper than I ever knew I could go.
Mythaca was the heart-cracking opening experience of a LIFETIME.
I met pals at Mythaca that will be my friends forever.
Thank you eternally.
See you soon.

As I pulled into Mythaca I felt the usual fear creeping in about arriving to a gathering on my own. But from the moment I landed, I was truly welcomed to the magical oasis of community, creativity, vulnerability and healing on sacred native land.
Mythaca is an experience of deep transformation and nourishment for the mind, body, emotions and soul. A place to see and be seen… to hear and listen. Kindred friendships forged, an experience that changed me. Forever…

A lot of creative and welcoming people conceived the experiences at Mythaca.
The meals were a delicious unveiling of delightful recipes, which nourished lovely moments and conversations dining at large tables.
Exploring personal and tribal reawakening through dance, making music at outdoor fires, bodywork, walks, talks, and contemplations in an amazing natural setting. Loved it❣️

I experienced multiple fascinating things I hadn’t seen or done before. Memories were made, I still tell the stories of what happened for me at Mythaca. Highlights were Tico and Damaris’ art, the intensely wonderful DJs, Captain Kale’s food, and a serendipitous energy healing that led to an unexpected fun episode of staying up all night with new buddies!

In attending Mythaca I was deeply moved by the relevancy of the topics being discussed and examined in the workshops. This was matched by genuine celebration through music, art, and dance and situated in the context of an incredibly beautiful natural setting. These aspects combined create an astonishing space of healing and joy. I look forward to attending again!

My Mythaca experience was like a little piece of Hawaii on the east coast. Aloha spirit! Mythaca created a safe container of radical acceptance and non-judgement, which I found to be deeply healing and a profound place to open my own heart and explore it’s depths alongside a community of beautiful beings co-creating a radiant celebration of life. I left Mythaca with an excitement for living and a renewed commitment to my own personal truth.

“Mythaca, for me, was a time of peace and re-calibration into a new normal in the aftermath of a chaotic time. It provided so much for me, but one particular point of growth that came out of it was learning and seeing that I could be my fullest, cosmic self, while practicing sobriety. It marked an inflection point for me in my relationship to moderation and an appreciation for the trip that is Every Day. ”
—Animal Planet

Mythaca was truly life changing for me. I was invited into this space where I could be all parts of me, I didn’t have to pick and chose, and I wasn’t any more unusual than the person next to me. It felt like the world went from black and white to full spectrum color. I don’t have to fight for my humanity to be seen here, I am recognized and celebrated in my whole self and I get to forget for a while how often I am seen as ‘other’ in the rest of the world, and just be human. I get to celebrate and welcome others in their rich diverse humanity, and together we create a place that is a haven and a home. When we can release resisting a world so set against some of our identities, we can go so much further together. Mythaca is not only a place that creates this space, but provides healing so we can be more resilient in the world and spread the places that feel like haven and home.
—Cai Quirk

Imagine a community of acceptance, unconditional love, exploration, boundary defining, freedom loving, consciousness expanding, interesting, artistic, adventurous, body affirming, wild, creative, caring, conscientious, collaborative souls, coming together to learn, explore nature, co-create, eat well and have fun. That was what Mythaca co-created for our community last year and I expect this year will be even better.