Mythaca 2022 FAQ

How do I get there?

Set your GPS to: 611 County Rd 13, Van Etten, NY

Inputing the address as “Cayuta” instead of Van Etten works better for some GPS systems.
MAP: Arnot Forest – Google Maps Link
20 minutes southwest of Ithaca
30 minutes southeast of Watkins Glen
30 minutes north of Elmira
Airport Access: Ithaca Tompkins Regional,Greater Binghamton, Syracuse Hancock International, Elmira Corning Regional, and Greater Rochester.
When can I arrive?
Front Gate hours:
Wed  1pm – 5pm
Thurs 8am -11am
Fri 8am -11am
Please try to stay within these hours so that you are minimizing the efforts of our beloved Registration Leader. Arriving before 5pm is good for you as well so you can join us for opening circle and delicious dinner.  *Anyone arriving before or after these hours please make your way to the kitchen, and ask someone to contact jessicaJoy on the radio. You will need a wristband visible for the whole gathering and if you do not have one, you will be approached.
Upon arrival, you’ll check in at Front Gate, you will need to already be registered at this point, so please be sure to do so through our Brown Paper Tickets links. Cell Service is limited so please buy your tickets well in advance. We will cut off all sales when we reach 300 people so that all can be well fed. Buy your tickets in advance to ensure entry.
Where do I park my car?
At Front Gate we are asking for an environmental impact fee for the affect of parking. The structure is so that carpooling is encouraged:
1 in a car  $40
2 in a car  $30
3 in a car  $20
full car $10
RV $50
if your car seats only 2, you’ll pay the “full car” rate, the same goes for a single motorcycle rider.
This impact fee will be directly donated to the Cayuga Nation, please think of this as a gratitude offering for bringing our lifestyle onto sacred lands.
Where do I sleep?
You will need to have registered and paid for a cabin, or have planned to camp in a tent or your RV.  Bringing your own tent or RV is free, minus parking fee for RV (see above for car rates). At Registration we will direct you on the map to where you can set up. There will be allowance to drive up to a closer space to unload near the lodge, though please be clear, you will not drive directly to a campsite, there will still be some carrying, we’ll get you as close as we can. Wagons are very helpful, please bring one.
If you are renting one of the campground’s 8-bed/6-bed cabins, please note that the cabins have bed frames and a mattress but you will need to bring your own sheets, blankets and pillowcases. If you need to have bedding supplied for you because you are flying in, make sure to rent bedding when you are purchasing your tickets online before the event.
I want to register a whole cabin for my crew, on the Brown Paper Tickets site I see where we can pay for our spots, but how to we make sure we all are in the same cabin?
Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email welcoming you. This is the opening of a conversation, if you have any additional questions, or want to make sure 5 of you who paid for beds are in the same cabin, this is the time to submit names, we will make sure we’ve got you together!
We ask that in order to be respectful of all cabin mates please only have people who are registered for a cabin bed sleep in the cabins. If your whole cabin is consenting to let someone sleep on the floor, that is fine by us.
Are there bathrooms/showers?
There are showers and restrooms in a central bathhouse; please bring what toiletries you need to utilize these facilities. Renting towels is optional on brown paper tickets when you register and purchase your tickets.
What about food options?
We are providing the camp community eating experience of two daily meals. Meal times will be very clear, and nothing else will be planned during meal time so we can eat and connect as a whole. Food will be provided for dinner on Wednesday, for both brunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and for brunch only on Sunday. Early morning times will offer hot beverages including coffee as well as caffeinated and decaffeinated teas. Lite snacks will be available outside of meal times as well. Please be prepared to provide for any extra snacks or food needs you may have beyond Mythaca’s offering. And if so please bring a cooler as we do not have extra refrigeration options for guests.
I have dietary concerns, where can I get in touch about if family meals will accommodate my needs? 
Contact Captain Kale directly with any questions or concerns:
What are temperatures like?
Daytime can be between 60-80 degrees, rain or shine.  And it can be chilly at night, generally low is mid 40’s, so bring warm clothing and bedding. But also, it can be very sunny so bring sunscreen, or be prepared to interact with the sun …however you two may get along.
Bugs and Bites
Ticks and tick-borne illnesses have become a fact of life in our area. Consider bringing tick repellent. You can make your own by combining 1:2 water to apple cider vinegar in an 8 oz spray bottle with 30-40 drops of Essential oil of Palo Santo or Lemongrass. Reapply often throughout the day. Do a full-body tick check at least once a day. It helps to have a mirror to see those hard to see places.
I want to come but I’m short on funds. Can you give me a deal?
We offer a full ticket barter for volunteers!
Click HERE for volunteer page
I can no longer come bc I got COVID…what do I do?
You can sell or give your ticket to someone else and let us know what their name is, or you can have it forwarded towards next year’s event.
Pay it Forward and/or Sponsorship
Feeling abundant and wanna spread the wealth? Please contact at to buy another’s ticket (or donate to our scholarship tickets)
Want a mutually beneficial arrangement of Sponsorship to support our event and get your business promoted? See our Sponsorship Tiers here and/or contact to become a sponsor.
Where can access the schedule when I’m there?
We will have a posted board on-site with fully daily schedules, and we will post the schedule online as soon as it is ready, so you can screenshot and have that as well.
Will there be somewhere to charge my phone?
For those renting cabins, there is power. As well there will be power in the Lodge. We encourage you to unplug and instead plug in to the amazing immersive nature and connection right in front of you!
Can I bring my dog or other pets?
Unfortunately not, our permits and insurance don’t allow it. Please leave your best friends with a qualified babysitter. We will have to turn your pups away at the gate, and will have to ask you to leave if you bring them.
*Service animals are legally allowed with proper paperwork.
I don’t see my question here. How do I ask?
Please visit our Participate page, choose Contact Us tab & fill out the form; we will respond asap!