2022 Presenters

Presenters for 2023 coming soon!


Tah-Weh-Dah-Qui is a national speaker and teacher who shares his gifts of understanding to promote Personal and Communal Responsibility, Spiritual Growth, Healing and Transformation. He is from Eh-kwheh-heh-weh which resides on the Tuscarora Indian Nation. He will inspire and introduce ideas that will assist you in new ways of thinking. He will show you how to manage your emotion, allowing you to stay focused on your goals and dreams whatever the outer challenges may be. He will teach you how to overcome the fears and anxieties that may be clouding your vision, bringing an increase in Health, Wealth and Wellness to your Life, Work and your Relationships.

Dr. Nia Nunn

Dr. Nia Nunn wears multiple head-wraps as a mother, artist, educator, speaker, activist, and community leader. Her Black consciousness work centers on anti-racist and abolitionist frameworks that honor a Black femme oral and visual tradition. She is committed to teaching and engaging audiences creatively, intensely, and gracefully.

Her work is rooted in the Black oral tradition––story-sharing, poetics, self-expression, and soulfulness––to create spaces that allow participants to get in touch with their own stories, heal from childhood traumas, and experience firsthand the power of collectivism. Her spaces are inclusive, expansive, and contain the right kind of alchemy of intensity and grace that challenges and invites people to become even more anti-racist, even more pro-Black, even more rooted in empathy and compassion, even freer in self-expression, and even more connected to others, especially across difference.


Workshop: Radical Vulnerability

This is a multilayered workshop that nurtures/engages participants through a confronting journey into awareness and action. A self-study within a collective, this work centers anti-racist consciousness and honoring a Black femme oral tradition, it is a transformative adventure that includes storytelling, writing exercises, literacy
events, listening, reading, watching, thinking, feeling, and breathing -together.


DRĖĖĖMY is a transnational genre-bending world-fusion sonic alchemist, movement & meditation guide, and social justice artivist. She is the founder of the NYC-based womxn’s music, arts, and wellness Collective BAE.

As an Egyptian-American, her sound is an Organic Electronica ~ an intentional, transnational communication of soul vibration: global rhythms, earthy basslines, pulsing 808s, glittering synths, ancestral voices, tribal invocations ~ Ancient Sounds and Future Beats.


ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/dreeemy.bae/




Damaris and Tico

Damaris + Tico

Over the past decade, Myztico has been live painting at various festivals and clubs across the east coast of the U.S., including Alex & Allyson Grey’s CoSM, Burning Man, House of Yes, Chashama, amongst many others. Myztico’s art has been displayed at various galleries throughout the USA, Peru & the UK. His paintings are collected internationally, including The Museum of Native Americans in Washington, DC. Myztico co-directed & edited the Psy-Fi psychedelic film “Rigelian Thianosferic Transmissions of the Higher Realms” which recently won best Psy-Trance film award at the annual N.Y ” 2019 Psychedelic Film and Music Festival”  Watch it here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVpiNlzQ9sY&t=33s   and also appears in the 90 minute documentary “The Cosmic 3D UV Portal that can be seen here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrTeC0OiKPM&t=4365s

Damaris Vazquez is a fine art nude photographer and divine catalyst of transcendent experiences in the process of channeling art and divination…and now creating blacklight photo paintings. Creating in the realms of erotic and sensual as well as all expressions of the goddess, she has created acclaimed productions of group nudes, couple’s sensual art, conceptual portraiture, and is presently creating a blacklight oracle deck. She sends and receives messages thru images.

Together, they are a whole vibe of divine cosmic orgasmic trance dance of color and vision and light…creating a fun portal for transformation, creativity and love.

Their Offering: Blacklight Body Painting to Reveal your star ancestry

Body Painting is perhaps the oldest art form beside cave art that has been around since the earliest of human tribes. They are here to bring out your true colors, and reveal to you a side that wants to emerge. Their intention is to uplift, celebrate, enjoy, and transcend by way of this ancient sacred practice that is body painting.

Elisa Keeler

Elisa S. Keeler

Elisa S. Keeler is a retreat facilitator, composer and songleader. She is a teacher of the Hidden Treasure Program, a 3-year course in personal and spiritual growth, at Light on the Hill Retreat Center. She trained with Sufi Retreat Guide, Alice McDowell.

Elisa is the founder of Freeing Your Voice, an offering that supports vocal health and wellbeing through simple, soulful singing. As a songleader and meditation guide, she works with Threshold Choirs, religious organizations, colleges, community groups and staff community-building retreats.

In 2021, Elisa released a new digital album and songbook entitled Song For The Circle: 21 songs and chants for group singing. To learn more about Elisa’s music, online classes and retreats, please visit: www.elisamusic.com

Workshop: Freeing Your Voice

Together we’ll explore simple soulful songs, movement and breath work that reconnects us with vital energy. We’ll discover ways to liberate our creative spirits and reclaim joy while cultivating community connection. Elisa will teach several songs with harmony layers from her new album Songs For The Circle.

Moti Zemelman

Moti Zemelman

Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improvisation 32 years ago. Over the past 24 years he has taught and performed across the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Professor of Dance at the Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Over the last 10 years in his desire to integrate communication, intimacy skills, and teaching he has studied Non-Violent Communication, Tantra, Butoh, BDSM, Byron Katie’s “The Work” and most recently Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent”. Moti has been both a teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA where he currently directs the Touch&Play Festival (http://earthdance.touchandplay.org/). Additionally he is a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis’ documentary film about CI “An Intimate Dance.” (Video Clip from Film – http://vimeo.com/38268635 ) He also designs and moderates the International Contact Improv resource website www.contactimprov.com


Honoring Land Through Somatic Practice

Acknowledging the land, the indigenous people who inhabit/ed this land and what oppressive colonialist behaviors happened and/or are still happening here is a practice of becoming an ally. We have to start somewhere and that is wherever you are now. Forming an intimate relationship to land that we inhabit means being vulnerable and seeing/feeling how ourselves and our ancestors are part of an oppressive culture and that we can now be part of decolonizing our bodies communities and land. Explore how Authentic Movement, Contact Improv and other somatic practices can be a doorway towards reconciliation. BIPOC Voices will be prioritized and amplified in this space.

Global Underscore

The Underscore, a long-form dance improvisation structure created by Nancy Stark Smith, incorporates Contact Improvisation (CI) into the broader arena of improvisational dance practice. Global Underscore (GUS) centers around a yearly event in which the Underscore is practiced simultaneously for a 4-hour period by people all over the world near the summer solstice (northern hemisphere).

Blindfold Contact Jam: A Veiled Voyage of the Senses

When we Blindfold ourselves and let our sight go we are able to develop and heighten our other senses. This is essential to training our bodies to expand beyond our patterns and open to a broader range of movement and sensation. Being blind in a dance or a cuddle is a whole new experience that helps to let go of our prejudgements, agendas, and movement habits. By being disoriented in blindness we can reorient ourselves without all those judgments and stories that our minds create from ingrained patterns and assumptions. By listening with all our other senses we can forge new pathways.

ConSensual: Contact Improv & The Art of Consent

Contact Improvisation is a deeply intimate dance. Essential to CI is: egalitarianism; rejection of traditional gender roles and social hierarchy; and inclusivity for all body shapes, sizes, and abilities. It is an honoring of our own bodies and every body we encounter. At the core of CI is the constant dance of consent. In this class we will be practicing this dance of saying and hearing “No” & “Yes” both verbally and non-verbally. This act of trust brings us into deeper intimacy when we hold ourselves and partners with respect. This listening practice guides our dances toward greater empathy and presence. By incorporating Non-Violent Communication, Tantra-inspired exercises, stillness, eye-contact, and energetic awareness, we’ll explore being more deeply sensual, consensual, and present with each other. (Feel free to come with a partner or on your own.)

Jessica Joy

jessicajoypresents a melding of the ways of different generations of ancestors; the sky clad ones who met the moon without raiment with their petitions coupled with the anarchists of the 20s who showed more than their knees defiantly, comedically and with finesse. Weaving prayer into movement, deftly finding utility for nudity; bearing so much more than flesh; she offers you a rawness that has you wondering if you ought to be watching.
She’ll show you her shame, letting you access yours. She’ll model her hurt, so you feel safe with yours publicly. More a dance of the seven veils than a titty show, jessicajoypresents: Free; as she shows you the ending of a very long love story.
alecia dianne

Felicity Vivianite

Felicity Vivianite aka Alicia Dianne, is a Muti-Media Artist specializing in creative portrait photography, painting and experimental video.
Alicia is the founder of The Portrait Studio, a family owned studio located in downtown Ithaca.

She has a background in photojournalism, animal rights activism and social justice. Using her camera as a voice and tool for those being oppressed and unrepresented by society.
She is the editor for Avenue Exist, a documentary and street photography magazine that showcases humanitarian photographers around the world.

My personal artwork examines trauma, spirituality, motherhood, grief, movement, color, cellular memory and nostalgia. Using photographic techniques through a feminist lens, I want to change the conventional way we normally view the female, not as something to objectify, but more a reflection of her inner power. I see art as therapy for myself and others and want to show the beauty in all of us.

Alicia will be offering a Photo Booth set up with studio lights, props and backdrops.

Jay Leeming

Jay Leeming

Jay Leeming is a poet and storyteller who in response to Covid-19 told fifty stories online over ten weeks during the spring of 2020. He enjoys connecting the wild river of poetry to the earth-based stories humans have carried in their voices for the last ten thousand years, bringing these stories alive through the Crane Bag Storytelling podcast. He is the author of Miracle Atlas (Writers and Books, 2011) and Dynamite on a China Plate (Backwaters Press, 2006), and the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Recordings and more information about his work can be found at www.JayLeeming.com.

Cai Quirk

Cai Quirk

Cai Quirk is a trans/queer/fluid artist, musician, and writer originally from Ithaca, NY. Their upcoming book ‘Transcendence’ connects gender diversity, spirituality, mythology, storytelling, and nature, through visual and written stories alike. See more at caiquirk.com

Workshop: Queer Restoryation

In a world that tries to erase the presences of LGBTQueerIA+ folks, it is even more vital that we continue to tell our stories, whether they are the everyday realities of our lives, or mythic tales of realities deeper than ordinary truths. Binary ways of seeing the world will not simply disappear — they must be replaced by ways of seeing and honoring fluidity and change as natural and necessary. This workshop is an act of restoryation, engaging with new stories, myths, and legends, ones that walk the many paths beyond supposed binaries: male and female, night and day, land and sea, earth and sky, life and death, self and other, self and earth.

Tree Tiph

Tree Tiph

Tree Tiphereth is a Father, Artist, Healer, Practical Mystic, and Builder who has been facilitating intentional healing spaces and spiritual ceremonies for men going on 20 years. He is our main coordinator of H-I-M Space for Men this year at Mythaca.

If you are interested in leading a workshop, or offering an art or skill share to heal, uplift, and empower the healthy masculine, ….or if you’d like to contribute in any way to our Mythaca Men’s Space this year please contact Tree directly at: treetiphereth@gmail

Neko Three Sixty .:. DevOcean

Neko Three Sixty .:. DevOcean is a multi-faceted diamond witch devoted to the path of the alchemical marriage; where our opposites (like pain and pleasure, good and evil, separate and oneness) are equally held with divine reverence, so that our suffering within and without may be transmuted into gratitude, deep learning, playful awareness and magic in action! She is the Divine Domme of our production crew at Mythaca, and regularly melts into prayerful puddles on the dance floor.

She has decades (and lifetimes) of experience and deeply studied and practiced Tantrika, RYT-1000 yoga teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist, Tarot + Astrology, and Psychic healer. She hosts and DJs (as DevOcean) Dance Sanctuary, a consent based, conscious dance and contact improv event every Thursday at the Foundation of Light.

For more info on what services, classes and events she offers go to nekothreesixty.com

To dance to her DJ sets: DevOcean



The music of HuDost is a rich, eclectic blending of pop and rock with traditional Sufi music, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian and Balkan folk music, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, and folk. HuDost’s core musicians are Moksha Sommer, from Montréal, and Jemal Wade Hines from Kentucky. Since 2015 they have also been highly engaged activists, doing advocacy work as KY Congressional District Representatives for ONE (a non-profit organization working to end extreme poverty and, specifically, the sexism of poverty).

HuDost’s music is a powerful expression of life’s journey and discovery. In 2008, Moksha went through a painful process of brain surgery due to a tumor. The healing from this included re-learning language skills, losing and regaining proper sight, and experiencing seizures. This could have been staggering but instead served as learning that has fueled a potent desire to bring healing through sound. In 2013 their amazing son, Kaleb, was brought into the world. It is through music that the losses and gains, pains and triumphs, and excruciating beauty of life can be given a voice of empathy to the synonymous lives of all people. Both critics and fans have said time and time again that the music of HuDost is this very expression. HuDost’s message comes from real experience, real emotion, and real concern for the world – from the birth of a child, to the healing of the body, to the healing of the planet, their words and music echo the human experience.

Empowerment Through Creative Process: 

In this workshop we will be delving into various art-forms as tools of healing, discovery, and expression. We will be learning how to break through boundaries and give ourselves the opportunity for unapologetic creativity!  This workshop is not just for artists but for anyone wishing to foster healing, exploration, love, and an open conversation with their creative and liberated selves. Participants will leave with their own visual, poetic, and musical expressions of what they can access by having this conversation.







Annie Sumi & Travis Knapp

Annie Sumi is an ethereal-folk artist with a unique ability to capture the subtleties of nature, & Travis Knapp gathers people’s voices in rowdy heartfelt singalongs. Together, Travis & Annie blend their artistic sensibilities into an engaging & dynamic folk experience. Sit back and soak up the sounds, or sing & dance along.

Susanna McDonald

Susanna McDonald is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a 350 HR yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. She is trained in Vinyasa, Traditional Hot, Yin, and Animal Flow. Susanna runs a virtual personal training business, Train With Susanna, where she helps busy professionals, aged 30-45, gain strength, flexibility, and a wellness-mindset. Susanna resides in Rochester, NY with her puppy, Winston. Both Susanna and Winston are hopelessly in love with Susanna’s boyfriend, Luke, who will be assisting class. Find out more about Susanna’s offerings on instagram @trainwithsusanna or at trainwithsusanna.com 
Partner Yoga: Have you ever wanted to bring your partner into your yoga practice? Or wanted to develop a yoga practice with a partner? Come learn how in this duo-flow. No special clothing or set up required. Bring your open heart and a desire to connect. P.S. Singles welcome! You can find a flow partner in class.

Captain Kale (Caelum Massicotte)

Captain Kale sees food as a vital part of one’s health, happiness, and community. He applies his background in cooking with his family, over 20 years kitchen experience, and his Masters in Human Nutrition to empower guests to deepen their connection with healthy and sustainable food.

He specializes in meeting the needs of special diets with organic and seasonal food for intentional gatherings, festivals and retreats. He is currently Kitchen Manager and Head Chef at Earthdance.

Devon Buckley

Devon Buckley

Devon Buckley has been allowing children the space to be free within the protection of healthy boundaries since the Fall of 1998. She has been simultaneously parenting and leading classrooms full of children between birth and school age for the last 23 years. Building community that connects to the Earth and her seasons has been the wider reality of her work. By communing with the families that surround her students, by celebrating every transition in the wheel of time and by offering children consistent connection to the food cycle (from compost to seed to sprout to harvest to the table), she feels she can make a true impact on the health of our earth family. She is trained in Kids Yoga, Waldorf Early Childhood and has homeschooled her own sons who are now 22, 15 and 9. She is excited to be a leader in the Mythaca Kids Camp this year, this Summer Sostice! Blessed be.

Amina Silk + Arif Leininger

Amina Silk and Arif Leininger are honored to provide joyous leadership in sacred space with music for the Dances, Dances of Universal Peace , chanting , community healing , some deliciousness and so much more !
Arif began dancing in the early ’70s and Amina began dancing in the early ’90s. In 2007 they joined together and began leading the dances as a team. Combining Arif’s musicianship and Amina’s graceful heartfelt movement they express their love for this powerful practice of healing,community and peace.
Friday afternoon after brunch, June 17
Together with earth energy we’ll have a community healing in the elements outside with the Rhythm and beauty of nature.
Sunday before dinner, June 19
A time of chanting Kirtan and Zikr with friends singing in harmony and prayers for the love of all life.

Kaleem Sikandar

Kaleem Sikandar is our Temple Guardian and Puja Facilitator as well as overall amazing support and right hand man at Mythaca. Find his face during the event if you need extra support from a grounded benevolent divine masculine gate keeper.


EIEYANI was born Sean Daniel Williamson on June 8, 1990, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ/producer, SINGER/songwriter. His unique fusion of worldly organic, instrumental, and Edm crossed with his background in sound healing modalities creates a truly multi-dimensional experience. This soul-inspired sound is exceedingly diverse with noticeable roots in EDM, world, instrumental and bass music. He quotes, “Music has always been a conduit for my connection, healing, and expression. I am home when I am one with it”.

Keena Maya

The depths of Keena Maya’s sound are incantations, drawing us down into our roots, grounding us into our bodies, and invoking the incandescent deity within us to rise. She is a DJ, producer & sound conduit. Her sets revel in the low-end and span a wide variety of bass and world musics. She blends genres, skill, and a dancer’s intuition to expand our hearts and leave us dripping with joy.

Keena Maya is, so that we may be.

Insta  @Keena. Maya


Joro-Boro is a producer and DJ primarily interested in musical genres that circuit bend the archaic and the futuristic, short circuit cultural flows, and bring along a deeper experience of sound and music. He has performed with ?uestlove, Anna Morgan, An-ten-nae, Bassnectar, Balkan Beat Box, DJ Spooky, Filastine, Gogol Bordello, M-1 (Dead Prez), Method Man, Omar Souleyman, Prefuse 73, Talib Kweli, The Human Experience, Tinariwen, Uproot Andy, Z-Trip, and others.

Insta @joroboro

b e i n g – s o u n d

b e i n g – s o u n d is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Keena Maya and Joro-Boro
b e i n g – s o u n d performs ritual bass. A live electronic set rooted in the origins of ritual, layering a variety of sound sources (live, recorded, acoustic, electronic) and exploring the depths of bass sound as a full-body feeling. Inspired by bass music, techno, trap, dub, and minimalism.

Insta  @beingsound

Sarah Brianna

Sarah Brianna is a Shamanic Energy Healer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Soul Coach, whose mission is to guide women to empower themselves, become their own healers, and tap into untamed self love. She partners with women who show up willing to commit to an open-hearted discovery process and engage with whatever shows up. This paves the way towards women having full access to their power, resources to handle life’s consistent ups and downs, and love themselves along the journey. To learn more head to www.sarahbrianna.com

Workshop: Sacred Rage, the art of emotional release

Clear out what you store deep inside in order to make room for what you are seeking in your life. Learn the tools to help discharge energy and clear out anger, stress, sadness and any other stuck or stagnant emotions.

The Immortal Peaches

It’s always interesting trying to figure out what musical shelf to live on when you have such a wide variety on your musical palette!!!
Karlee Weaver playing her silver and wooden flutes plus her handmade clamshell baritone guitar weaving a mix of original compositions in a variety of genres that are going to make you wanna dance and give thanks for being alive!!! Accompanied by Olive Mitra on drums and hand percussion plus
Paul Kimble on keys weaving delicate textures and polyrhythms that adds so much sweetness and flavor!!! And last but not least is you co-creating
something beautiful.

Lior Allay

Lior Allay is a visionary queer embodiment artist specializing in somatic sorcery and visual poetry. They teach nude yoga and offer community playshops in holistic healing. They specialize in creating body-positive experiences for healing shame + unlocking human potential. They believe in the transformative power of nudity to find peace in our bodies & build intentional community through moments of genuine connection.


Workshop: Tantric Breathwork

This 90 min kundalini-activating flow incorporates breath, movement, self touch, and sounding for an immersive experience that will drop you deep into the sensuality of your primal nature. UNEARTH the wildly powerful self that is deeply connected to our instincts, intuition, + natural intelligence. Flexible for all bodies, you choose the intensity level that’s right for you. No experience necessary!

Kara Apothekara

Kara Timmins, Clinical Herbalist and Physician Assistant  specializing in psychiatry, has a deep history and love of working with herbs. First introduced to wild herbs in the meadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico over 20 years ago, she began eating wild foods, identifying, and gathering medicinal herbs. From these initial experiences, a lifelong herbalist was born!  She apprenticed organic and biodynamic growers across the US and Canada including The National Center for Preservation of Native Medicinal Herbs (now a part of United Plant Savers) in Rutland, Ohio where she studied endangered (at risk) native medicinal herbs. She completed a 4-year Clinical Herbal Therapy program at Dominion Herbal Collegein Vancouver, Canada with over 500 clinic hours working in herbal consultation clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto. Following a desire to truly understand human physiology and then pathology, she continued her studies, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, both at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Currently, she works as a health care provider at Cornell University and created an herbal pharmacy for students at Cornell’s Ithaca campus pharmacy in collaboration with a local herb farm, Healing Spirits Herb Farm, and the lead pharmacist. She previously worked with Dr. Nasri Ghaly at an integrative psychiatric practice in Syracuse, NY specializing in herbal therapeutics, vitamin deficiencies, and lifestyle changes as an integrative approach to mental health.

Contact Kara through her website: www.herb-therapy.com

Workshop: Conscious Psychiatry Infused with Plant Medicine

Kara will take you on a deep dive into the nervous system and hormones affecting your psyche, mood, sleep, sex and over all mental health. Explore how herbs, nutrition, medications and lifestyle all affect the psyche and the body. Become conscious and understand literally what you do, you gradually become. In this workshop you will gain tools to awaken a new mindset and create daily practices to aid your innate abilities to heal-thy self and find a balanced mental health.
Heal-Thy Self With Every Steep.


As a part of Mythaca 2022, Surya will be formally presenting a set of energy cultivation exercises known as Falun Gong. Falun Dafa, as it’s also called, has been developed for individuals who want to deepen their spiritual practice and/or gain deeper control of their own life force.
For more info: en.falundafa.org