A Call for Conscious Collaborators

Welcome All! Events such as this occur not by our efforts alone, but with the aid of the Elements, our ancestors, the helping spirits, an occasional faerie and YOU. While all who participate in Mythaca contribute time to the workings (seva) we invite you to go deeper with us. Spirit moves through our experience regardless of how we show up, it is markedly different depending on how we enter. If you can and want to pay for a ticket, your experience is reflective of the work you did to achieve the funding for your entrance. If you want or need to barter your entry, your experience in service to the event offers a sort of richness in itself. Spirit works within you, carving out a part of you, when you’re in service. You get to peak behind the curtain. You get to experience the true heart of Mythaca. You get to fuel her fires. You get the gift of participating in a community culture. Community culture is a deep longing within our souls; one that, outside of the First Nation Peoples still strong on their lands, most of us only experience in fleeting and temporary experiences such as these immersions. There is a flow that takes us up, a one mind, and a deep felt peace when serving the community in this way.
We are asking for your help.

A full festival pass barter will serve 18 hours in total.

Click here to register as a Volunteer to consciously collaborate with us to make joy animate

If you aren’t sure quite where you fit in, here are some words arranged to entertain and inform you…



Event set up. Be on-site in the early days and build the container for our gathering. This may include: making signs, erecting structures, building altars, cutting wood for our fire, kitchen prep/dishes for our on-site crew, directing arrivals, parking & greeting, running errands or transporting materials. This role usually requires some physical labor, please be ready to sweat alongside us.
All your hours will be completed before the event, giving you the whole time during to play! You’re working less total days than during the event, making the days longer; yet those connections established before the gates open carves out a sort of intimacy that is
b e y o n d.

PreFest Social Media

Some of you are fluent in the arts of social media, this role goes beyond simple use, we are looking for a dedicated individual who will complete all of their entry barter before the event, doing the work of a promoter. Think virtual street team. We need you making posts on our behalf, responding to comments, and directing our community questions to answers. Work closely on the back end with Event Producers to help us propel Mythaca into the realms of the Great Unknown!


Welcome those arriving, help them transition from consumerist society, from the travel, from the ordinary and walk them through the portal into Mythaca.
Orient our arriving community to the grounds, check them in, offer information and set the tone for their experience. This role is for outgoing communicators, those who like lists and details, and those who can move a cue with grace, style and joy.


Manage our community waste and sort what can be cycled back. Care for our week long home by walking the land and removing community waste. Includes restrooms management… we will need to know which way you load a TP roll…over or under?
This is for those who consider it a gift to serve our community by picking up after them.

Fire Tenders

The role of the Fire Tender is serious, it is an arcane and attentive task, for those dedicated and called only. Our most ancient of ancestors, Fire, inspires the Spirit within, Fire churns the energies at play, Fire demands interaction. This role includes: the building of the pit, moving, cutting and managing our wooden fuel, keeping the Fire coals robust and the flames gentle, the knowing of when to allow the flames to grow, and the mindfulness of the Fire’s needs, which necessitates an understanding of the biology of Fire. Minding the fire’s needs is to be in relationship with the Spirit of Fire, this sort of care is a conversation. This role is traditionally one not accepted without experience, so I ask you if you’re feeling the call, how does (gaining that) experience begin?


Sound Techs and Stage Management. You know your role infinitely better than I could describe it, if you’ve done this role before, it is open to you.
Runners for this position will be accepted, so if you’re looking to be near the action, but are green, we still have a way for you to plug in.
get it? plug in… it’s a pun. it’s punny.


Join Captain Kale and his band of scallywags in the kitchen and help feed the family. A kitchen shift might look like prep or post meal dishes, but it is always a good time, nothing brings us together like food, it is our most ancient of rituals as a species.

First Aid

The need here is for one or a few qualified individuals with medical training, to bring their kit and be on-site in an on-call capacity.

Medicinal Mindfulness

This is a balancer to First Aid. A support role for those attending who are having a mental/emotional/spiritual experience, whether with or without having ingested a substance. Sometimes we just need someone to hold space: in listening, in silence, or with reminders that we are going to feel differently, that this is temporary. This is Community Care at it’s finest. Do you bring Palo Santo in your belt, do you offer water when someone looks like they need it, are you an empath with boundaries? This is the role of the caregiver embodied, feel where you’re needed and follow that call, then show up. Regardless of scheduling for this role, please consider yourself always on, if you notice the need it is time to step in.
**Mythaca is a substance free event and requests sobriety for this event, please be present with us.

Photographer / Videographer

If this is your gift, we will trade you!
*experience only


We are calling out for experienced individuals who can assist some of our Lead Coordinators. If you have festival or event experience, management experience or are that personal assistant sort of a human, get in touch. If this is you, you’re down to do pretty much anything, and it’s gonna get weird. [within respectful space honoring boundaries and also breaking through limiting beliefs and smallness] weird.


Our event ends at 1pm Sunday the 25th but the ceremony… doesn’t end until Tuesday.. After just playing hard it can be tough to rally and work after, Strike is a beautiful practice in seeing things through, as well as taking the time to integrate your experience. You’ll be working alongside those of us who’ve built this realm’s edges and nurtured its roots, come Tuesday’s end, we will all be deeply in love. We have to be fully broken down and sweep the grounds for any remaining trash (because we want to). Please help us.
*If you sign up solely for Strike, we will ask you to purchase a full fest pass which will be refunded back after we close, please feel free to communicate with us further about this, if needed.

More Needs

  • Parking
  • Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, + Promotion
  • Mythaca pre-event Set Up 6/19-6/21
  • Mythaca Break down – 6/25-6/26
  • Truck/Trailer Hauling (Have your own truck/trailer or hitch)
  • Clean-up during event
  • Sound & AV
  • Emotional Support
  • Security
  • Art + Design
  • Kitchen
  • Kids Care & Programming
It is known: once we commit, the experience already begins to work its magic within us.

“There is a shimmering excitement in being sentient and being shaped.”
(our friend) Rumi