Mythaca is a healing arts and dance festival held annually in the Arnot Forest.

Mythaca has a specific focus on healing divides and helping to decolonize us individually and collectively through conscious connection, music, dance, spiritual practices, and healing arts. We offer musical performances, flow arts, healing circles, earth arts, panels, workshops, kid’s camp, fire and ceremony. We are an inclusive community and gift economy based event, so once you are in the gate all things offered are given/exchanged freely.

We ask that all participants sign up for 2 hours of seva or community help as a way to be a conscious co-creative heart of the living mandala that we all are. We celebrate a community focused on collaboration by taking a break from the mainstream consumerist vibes, as well as ask all folks to come as they are, meaning free from mind altering substances and alcohol. This allows for us to dive deep into our truth and we promise it is such an enriching, fun and empowering way to show up for yourself and the community.

We also have a “Red Tent” for women identifying or non-binary folx, H-I-M (Healing Inspired Masculine) for men identifying or non-binary folx, trans and gender non-conforming healing spaces, healing space for BIPOC, a Sacred temple, workshops for all genders, and practices/talks on steps towards decolonization, anti-racist actions, supporting racial and social healing as well as ways to dance within our differences and thereby dance into unity within our communities.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to Dance into Unity with Mythaca 2023! Any contributions such as work-exchange, volunteering, sponsorship & donations are accepted & appreciated. Visit our Participate page for more details.

See you SOON!


Team Mythaca

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